Pet Wings

An enormous and immediate need exists to rescue abandoned, neglected, and unwanted innocent animals.  Saving them from the threat of death, and providing them with healthy loving homes.  Until now, there have been limited options for these innocent animals.  “Pet Wings” explores the daring, passionate, exciting and fun look into the lives of Pet Rescue Pilots; Zach Bryson and Jessica “Blondie” Meredith.  Zach’s non-profit organization, “Bryson Air” provides freedom flights to unwanted animals on death row.

Bryson Air rescues animals from shelters and individuals who can know longer care for their pets and prevents them from being euthanized!  Zach and Jessica transport these animals to locations pre-approved by the Humane Society, Rescue Organizations, No Kill shelters, and private homes.  Zach and Jessica perform routine follow up visits for every animal, making sure they are in a healthy and happy living environment. 

Zach and Jessica donate their time, expertise, and planes to transport needy animals to loving homes where they will be adopted and cared for.  It is Zach’s personal mission to provide his service to as many animals as he possibly can.




Zach Bryson is a 27 year old Southern California Native.  He has dedicated his life to his passions and living an extraordinary lifestyle.  In addition to his compassionate dedication to saving animals, he is a boat captain and a talented gourmet chef.  Zach lives on his boat in beautiful sunny Southern California, where he researches and coordinates animal rescues with his assistant, Jessica.





Flight instructor, Southern California Native, graduate of UCLA, and former substitute public school Teacher.   Zach’s side kick and confidante, Jessica, is gregarious, compassionate, and a dedicated friend with a wicked sense of humor and endearing charm.  She has a youthful all-American appearance and a cheerful and cleverly amusing personality.  She never ceases to keep Zach busy and entertained during flight as they have a playful, flirtatious camaraderie. She’s a die hard animal lover and devoted assistant.



  • Approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats)
  • 5 out of 10 shelter dogs are euthanized annually across the United States
  • 500,000 companion animals are euthanized every year in California
  • Each year, California taxpayers spend $250 million to shelter and euthanize dogs state-wide 
  • In 2009, Los Angeles County shelters took in 83,252 animals, of that number, 50,692 were euthanized