EXCLUSIVE--- CMT orders 'Texas Women' reality show

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These ain’t no desperate housewives: CMT has ordered a new docu-soap reality show about ambitious young working women in Texas.

In the upcoming Texas Women, a quartet of friends work in the rodeo and country music scene by day and party by night in the Lone Star State. There’s a competitive barrel racer (if you don’t know what that is, you haven’t been to enough rodeos), a part-time barrel racer, a stock contractor, and an aspiring singer.

“They’re kick ass. They can fight like cats on a Saturday night, then wake-up Sunday, apologize, and go to church together,” says Jayson Dinsmore, CMT’s executive vp of development.

CMT has picked up eight one-hour episodes of the show for July 14 debut. And here’s something rare: Normally series announcements never have trailers ready yet, but we have one for Texas Women (and that title could still change, btw). “This is an exciting time here at CMT, with more original programming in development and production than ever before,” says Dinsmore. “These new series, along with our original movies and music franchises, and the additional night of primetime original programming to our schedule, represent our aggressive growth strategy for this season and beyond. We’re looking forward to elevating the CMT viewer experience with even more compelling stories, intriguing characters and family-friendly entertainment.” 

The new crop of shows come on the heels of CMT’s successful summer series, TEXAS WOMEN and SWEET HOME ALABAMA, launched under the leadership of Dinsmore, who joined CMT last February. The two shows contributed to double-digit ratings gains in prime, elevating the female skew of network’s viewers.* A digital win for the network as well, the shows now rank as the top two most-streamed shows in network history. They also contributed to overall growth among social media sites, helping the network recently surpass one million followers across Facebook and Twitter. The success was due in large part to an aggressive interactive strategy that included weekly live chats and original video content.
*Source: Nielsen Media Research, P18-49 Live+SD, 07/14-08/28/11 vs. prior four week 06/13- 07/10/11

TV review: Bravo’s ‘Most Eligible Dallas’ joins trio of Texas-based reality shows this summer

Bravo is filled with sleek, shiny shows about people who can’t stand one another, and this show doesn’t stray from the formula.

Style’s “Big Rich Texas” follows that model but takes all the fun out by making it too mean-spirited. This series chronicles four mother-daughter duos and one godmother-goddaughter pair in the Dallas social scene, mostly in a country club.

The show doesn’t waste time exploring the subtleties of the high society (except for a lesson in how “bless your little heart” means “you’re pitiful”) and instead captures the nastiest behavior of the pairs.

The most cringe-worthy is Bonnie, a mom who so desperately craves the approval of her daughter, 22-year-old Whitney, that she agrees to fund Whitney’s breast implants — as long as the daughter brings home good grades.

CMT’s “Texas Women” comes closest to hitting the mark of something different, with hints of Southern culture. The series, set in Fort Worth, attempts to focus on the careers of four women. That aspect of the series is way more entertaining than when it strays into manufactured issues (party girl Hannah moves in with responsible Anna, then they fight, then they rehash the fight — we just don’t care).

Intriguing elements feature barrel racer Brooke at the rodeo with a horse that won’t compete and struggling country music singer Ali, who begs radio stations to play her songs. Although the show includes yawn-inducing scenes of the women fighting, you can’t help but feel real emotion at the devastated look on Ali’s face when no one calls into the radio station to comment on her new single.

While all three series offer standard reality-fare drama, not much exists for viewers interested in truly getting a unique look at Southern life (though this past week, “Texas Women” explored the aftermath of the destruction caused by the tornadoes in the South).

“Most Eligible Dallas” (60 minutes) debuts Monday at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

“Big Rich Texas” (60 minutes) airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Style.

“Texas Women” (60 minutes) airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CMT.

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